23 de enero de 2010


Deadache 2008

Track List:
1.Scarctic Circle Gathering IV 00:42
2.Girls Go Chopping 04:03
3.Bite It Like A Bulldog 03:28
4.Monsters Keep Me Company 05:29
5.Man Skin Boots 03:42
6.Dr. Sin Is In 03:48
7.The Ghosts Of The Heceta Head 03:41
8.Evilyn 04:01
9.The Rebirth Of The Countess 01:59
10.Raise Hell In Heaven 03:32
11.Deadache 03:30
12.The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile 04:12
13.Missing Miss Charlene 05:12


The Arockalypse 2006

Track list:
1.SCG3 Special Report 03:46
2.Bringing Back the Balls to Rock 03:31
3.The Deadite Girls Gone Wild 03:45
4.The Kids Who wanna Play with the Dead 04:07
5.It Snows in Hell 03:37
6.Who's Your Daddy 03:38
7.Hard Rock Hallelujah 04:07
8.They Only Come out at Night 03:49
9.Chainsaw Buffet 03:47
10.Good to Be Bad 03:31
11.The Night of the Loving Dead 03:09
12.Supermonstars (The Anthem of the Phantoms) 04:04


Di no a la pirateria...
... pero si al download

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  1. poss zii ...despues de la tempestad sale el sol .. ! amm descuida eo tmpc entre :D .. tmb toe en class :P


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